Alphabetical by author
(A) is for Amanda!
(K) is for Kelly!
(GLA) is for Great Literary Adventures – Joint reviews of erotica with Amanda and Kelly!

Aames, Amelie – The Goblin Between Her Thighs (Marechal Chronicles #0.5) (K)
Adaire, Alexis – The Encounter (Probed #1) (K)
Adrian, Lara – NightDrake (A)
Adrian, Lara – A Touch of Midnight (Midnight Breed #0.5) (K)
Aingealicia, Lady – Alien Love (K)
Aires, Melissa – Her Cyborg Awakes (Diaspora Worlds #1) (K)
Alder, Lisa – All Wrapped Up (Christmas with Kink #1) (K)
Alexander, Cassie – The Haunted (K)
Alexander, R.G. – Marley in Chains (K)
Alexander, R.G. – Wicked Sexy (Wicked 3 #1) (K)
Alexander, R.G. – Wicked Release (Wicked 3 #3) (K)
Andersen, Erica – My Last Trip to Hawaii (A)
Angel, Dominique – Double Penetration in the Elevator (GLA)
Artez, Elise – The Minotaur’s Mate (K)
Ash, Nora – Branded (Demon’s Mark #1) (K)
Ashe, Eden – Ever Mine (Dragon Lore #2) (K)
Austin, Nicole – Cat’s Meow (Predators #1) (K)

Bachar, Robyn – Blood, Smoke and Mirrors (Bad Witch #1) (K)
Baird, Rebecca – Sextraterrestrial (K)
Ball, A.M. – Taken by Swarm: Seduced by Werebees (GLA)
Ball, Alice May – The Cabin on Wolf Mountain (K)
Ball, Alice May – Sea Legs (K)
Banks, Anna – Legacy Lost (Of Poseidon) (A)
Banks, Anna – The Stranger (Of Poseidon #0.5) (A)
Bardugo, Leigh – The Witch of Duva (The Grisha #0.5) (A)
Bardugo, Leigh – The Tailor (The Grisha #1.5) (A)
Bardugo, Leigh – The Too-Clever Fox (The Grisha #2.5) (A)
Baudelaire, Simon – In the Dorm (GLA)
Baudin, Isabel – Crystal Lake (GLA)
Beatrix, Simone – Ravaged (K)
Beck, Stephanie – Bunny Club (F*ck Like Bunnies #1) (K)
Bell, Ophelia – Animus (Sleeping Dragons #1) (K)
Bellucci, Bree – The Beasts Virgin Offering (GLA)
Benford, Gregory – Backscatter (A)
Bess, Alia – Victoria’s Demon Lover (K)
Bickley, Tawna – Babysitter Blues (GLA)
Black, Jaid – Besieged (Death Row #0.5) (K)
Black, Nikita – Cajun Hot (K)
Black, Rose – Double Stuffed by the Dragons (K)
Black, Sierra – Snowbound with a Bear (K)
Black, Tammy – Abducted by the Kraken (GLA)
Blackbird, Raven – Bigfoot Did Me From Behind and I Liked It (K)
Blackbird, Raven – A Wizard Did Me With His Magic Wand and I Liked It (K)
Blacke, Emma – Clan of the Caveman: The Overlord’s Broodmaiden (K)
Blackstrap, Samantha – Snakebit (K)
Blake, Selena – Fangs, Fur and Mistletoe (Mystic Isle #1) (K)
Bliss, Laura – Captured by Cavemen (GLA)
Bonilla, Amanda – The Sweetest Torture (A)
Bright, Clara – Mated to the Minotaur (K)
Bright, Clara – Mated to the Prince (K)
Bronson, Rock – Frankenslime (GLA)
Brust, Steven – Fireworks in the Rain (A)
Burn, Julles – Taken by the Monster (Sophie’s Monsters #1)o(K)
Byrd, Rhyannon – Dark Wolf Rising (Bloodrunners #4) (K)
Byrne, Kerrigan – Released (Highland Historical #4) (K)
Byrne, Kerrigan – Reluctant (The Mackays #3, Heroes of the Highlands #6) (K)

Callaver, Jessa – Family Care (K)
Caprice, Callie – Abducted by the Alpha Alien (K)
Carr, Mari – Misplaced Princess (Foreign Affairs #1) (K)
Carr, Mari – Scoring (Lowell High School #2.5) (K)
Carr, Mari – Elemental Pleasure (Trinity Masters #1) (K)
Carter, Mina – Hard as a Rock (Paranormal Protection Agency #1) (K)
Cartwright, Sierra – Doms of Dark Haven (K)
Chambers, Sierra – Fucking the Vampire (GLA)
Charles, K.J. – Remnant (The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal #3) (K)
Chaynes, Chelsea – Creamed by Cave Creatures (K)
Chenery, Marisa – Roan’s Fall (Roxie’s Protectors #1) (K)
Chenery, Marisa – Awakened from Ice (Werewolf Sentinels #1) (K)
Cheri, Jean-Luc – Time Traveling Nympho (GLA)
Chi, Mary – Santa’s Daisy Chain (GLA)
Christian, M. – Rude Mechanicals (K)
Cirque, Jaqueline D – The Ceremony (GLA)
Clay, Tamara – Demon’s Offer (GLA)
Close, Amanda – Alien Resistance (K)
Close, Amanda – Alien Tentacles (Alien Outbreak #1) (K)
Clover, Amanda – The Filthy Time Machine (GLA)
Clover, Amanda – Governor Sara Polan is Mated by the Moose Monster (GLA)
Clover, Amanda – Governor Sara Polan and the Horny Shifter War on Christmas (GLA)
Cole, Layla – Hazing Moon (K)
Coombes, Kerrianne – Beauty and the Beast (Demon Tales #1) (K)
Conroy, Erica – Artificial Love (K)
Cooper-Posey, Tracy – Beth’s Acceptance (Destiny’s Trinities #1) (K)
Cooper-Posey, Tracy – Delly’s Last Night (Go Get ‘Em Women #1) (K)
Corday, Rayna – Bred by the Tuskmen! (GLA)
Corwin, Aaron – Brimstone and Marmalade (A)
Couper, Lexxie – Assassin (The Boundaries #1) (K)
Couper, Lexxie – Misplaced Princess (Foreign Affairs #1) (K)
Cox, Vanessa – Close Encounters: Taken by Alien Cavemen (GLA)
Cox, Veronica – Three Play Ball (GLA)
Crowl, Autumn – Barilamber and the Babe (GLA)
Crowl, Autumn – Taken, Bound, and Bent Over by the Demon (GLA)
Crowl, Autumn – Taken by the Troll (GLA)

Da Costa, Portia – Wesley and the Sex Zombies (GLA)
Damodred, Artemis – Impreggnation (GLA)
Daniels, Eliza – Abducted (Passion in the Stars #1) (GLA)
Dante, Emily – Hunting the Alpha Wolf (K)
Danvers, Dennis – All The Snake Handlers I Know Are Dead (A)
D’Arc, Biana – Maiden Flight (Dragon Knights #1) (K)
Dare, Cherry – Feeding the Centaurs (K)
Dare, Trinity – Deep in the Dark (K)
Davis, Lia – A Tiger’s Claim (Ashwood Falls #1) (K)
Davis, Lolita – The Dragon’s Sex Slave (GLA)
Dawning, Dee – Alice in Eroticland (K)
Dawson, Zoe – Monster Man (K)
De la Cruz, Crystal – Chained in the Demon’s Lair (K)
Dean, L.C. – Sturgis Rally Riders series (K)
Dean, Mia – The Fae’s Fire (K)
Demure, Celia – Phallus of the Stone God (GLA)
Deschain, Natalie – Bride of the Storm God (GLA)
Deschain, Natalie – Fucked in the Woods (GLA)
Deschain, Natalie – Werewolf Pirates! (K)
Deschain, Natalie – Werewolves in the Endzone (GLA)
Desires, Mark – Curse of the Were-Jaguar (GLA)
Desires, Mark – Snared by Temptation (GLA)
Devereaux, V.J. – Demon’s Kiss (Demon Allure #1) (K)
Dire, Natalia – Gender Swapped by the Demon Lord (GLA)
Doer, Wendy – The Ice F**k-It Challenge (GLA)
Donavan, Seraphina – Bad Girl Lessons (Gresham County #1) (K)
Donavan, Seraphina – Hybrid’s Love (Sentinels #1) (K)
Douglas, Kate – Unbalanced (Demon Lovers #1) (K)
Dragonnip, Natalie – Riding the Thunder Dragon (K)
Dubois, Lila – Elemental Pleasure (Trinity Masters #1) (K)
Dylan, Rayna – Hung by the Chimney (GLA)

Eden, Cynthia – A Bit of Bite (K)
Edwards, Hailey – A Hint of Frost (Araneae Nation #1) (K)
Erickson, Karyn – Temporary Arrangement (The Renaldis #0.5) (K)
Estep, Jennifer – Elemental Assassin short stories (K)

Fairchild, Brennica – Queen of the Raptors (University of Dinosaurs) (GLA)
Farris, J.L. – Her Painted Prince (K)
Farris, J.L. – Sandra’s Phantom (K)
Farris, J.L. – Thor’s Embrace (K)
Faun, Katie – Paying the Bridge Troll (K)
Fenichel, A.S. – Mayan Afterglow (Mayan Inferno #1) (K)
Fine, Kitty – Stepbrother To Be (K)
Fioni, Angela – The Demon Gangbang (Keeta the Elf #6) (GLA)
Flint, Megan – Firecracker in Heat (Firecracker #1) (K)
Flint, Megan – Firecracker Gone Astray (Firecracker #2) (K)
Flynn, Mac – Ensnare: The Librarian’s Lover #1 (GLA)
Ford, Keri – Through the Wall (Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas #1) (K)
Fox, Michelle – Burning For Him (K)
Fox, Michelle – Cropped (GLA)
Fox, Michelle – First Moon (K)
Fox, Michelle – Ghosts of Desire (K)
Fox, Michelle – Werewolf Menage Erotica (A)
Francis, Rose – Trapped (K)
Freed, Adeline – Delivered to the Cave Dweller King (GLA)
Frost, Faith – Death Comes in Her (GLA)

Gabriel, Reese – Nyssa’s Guardian (More Than Male #1) (K)
Gerrard, Karyn – The Riding Crop (Riding Crop #1) (K)
Giffin, T.L. – His Favorite Plant (K)
Glenn, Bree – Taken by the Great Green Lizard (GLA)
Grabbit, Jessica – Gangbanged in a Winter Wonderland (GLA)
Grace, Tina – Thrown to the Wolves (GLA)
Grant, Jeniffer – Dominated by Aliens: Lizard Leaders (K)
Gray, Nathalie – Thrill of the Hunt (A)
Green, Jess – Bigfoot Fucks Sisters (GLA)
Green, Jess – Milked by Bigfoot (GLA)
Grey, Lola – Lair of the Beastmen (K)
Grey, T.A. – Jace (Bodyguards for Hire #1) (K)
Griffin, Laura – Nightfall (K)
Guest, Kevin – The Haunting of Pussy Willow Manor (K)
Gunn, Chelsea – Stuffed by the Lumberjack (K)
Gunn, Darcy – Taken by My Shadow (K)

Hackett, Anna – Time Thief (The Anomaly Trilogy #1) (K)
Hahn, Joni – Agent I1: Tristan (The D.I.R.E. Agency #1) (K)
Hale, Hannah – Double Teamed by Tweedledee and Tweedledum (K)
Hale, Hannah – Tinkerbell’s Talented Twat (Naughty Neverland #1) (K)
Hale, Hannah – Mr Smee’s Mermaid Plunder (Naughty Neverland #2) (K)
Hall, Marie – Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series #1) (K)
Hampton, Kate – Captured By Her Horny Beast (GLA)
Harker, Jen – Taken by Tentacles (GLA)
Harlem, Lily – Hired (Hot Ice #1) (K)
Harlow, Jennifer – Verity Hart Vs The Vampyres: Part One (K)
Hart, Liliana – Cade (The Mackenzies  Brothers #6) (K)
Hart, Melissa F. – Christmas Choices (K)
Hart, Melissa F. – Falling for an Angel (Angel at Large #1) (K)
Hart, Melissa F. – Hunter’s Heart (K)
Hart, Melissa F.  – It’s Not Enough (Clover Leaf Cafe #1) (K)
Hart, Staci – Once (K)
Harte, Marie – Tied and True (Satyr’s Mist #1) (K)
Hartley, Stephanie – Taking Dictation (A)
Havlir, Beverly – Contract to Pleasure (Pleasure Seekers #1) (K)
Hawk, Jordan L. – Remnant (Whyborne & Griffin #3.5) (K)
Hawk, Reagan – Trading Teon (Beast Masters #1) (K)
Hawk, Reagan – Securing Sara (Beast Masters #2) (K)
Hawk, Reagan – Rescuing Reya (Beast Masters #3) (K)
Hawk, Reagan – Prepared to Please (Cyber Sex #1) (K)
Hayes, Erica – Cherry Kisses (Shadowfae #4.5) (K)
Haynes, Jasmine – Somebody’s Lover (Jackson Brothers #1) (K)
Hearne, Kevin – Clan Rathskeller (Iron Druid Chronicles #0.5) (A)
Hearne, Kevin – A Test of Mettle (Iron Druid Chronicles #3.5) (A)
Helmer, Tiffinie – Moosed Up (Wild Men of Alaska #2) (K)
Helmer, Tiffinie – Bearing All (Wild Men of Alaska #4) (K)
Heurass, Dixon – Goat Suckin’: Hotter Than It Sounds (GLA)
Holloway, Simone – Tentacles: Bred by the Alien (GLA)
Holly, Emma – Move Me (Hidden #4) (K)
Holmes, Steffanie – The Hysteria Machine (K)
Hunsaker, Laura – Highlander Reborn (The Nightkind #1) (K)
Hunt, Artemis – The Pretend Boyfriend (The Pretend Boyfriend #1) (K)
Hunt, Loribelle – Defending Serenity (Dark Redemption #1) (K)
Hunt, Loribelle – Invasion Earth (Delroi Connection #1) (K)
Hunter, Hazel – Jungle Fever – Part 1 (GLA)
Hunter, Natasha – Deities & Dinosaurs (GLA)

Ione, Larissa – Overkill: Snippets of Demonica Life (Demonica 5.7) (K)
Inox, Stella – Dun Djinn (GLA)
Irons, Soichiro – Forcing the Vampire (GLA)
Ivie, Jackie – With Just Cause (Vampire Assassin League #10) (K)
Ivy, Alexandra – Bayou Noel (Bayou Heat #8.5) (K)

Jack, Genevieve – The Ghost and the Graveyard (The Monk’s Hill Witch #1) (K)
Jackson, D.L. – The Carnality Series (K)
Jackson, D.L. – Being Prince Charming (1Night Stand) (K)
Jackson, Myla – Boots and Chaps (Ugly Stick Saloon #1) (K)
James, Ella – Beast, Part 1 (K)
Jameson, Eve – Bethany’s Rite (Ilyrian Destiny #1) (K)
Jeyy, Lille – Bred by the Beast of Many Tentacles (GLA)
Johnson, Cat – Opposites Attract (The Trilogy Collection #1) (K)
Johnson, Moctezuma – Triangulum Stain: Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos (GLA)
Jones, E.B. – Demon Strokes (K)
Jones, Joan – The 22 Year Old Virgin’s First Island Trip (A)
Jones, Sophia – The Pharaoh and the Curator (K)
Jordan, Sophie – Wicked in Your Arms (A)
July, Della – In the Dorm (GLA)

Katsaros, Diana – Taken by the Satyrs (GLA)
Keep, J.M. – The Angel and the Demon (K)
Keep, J.M. – Bad Wolf, On the Run (K)
Keep, J.M. – Bred by the Monster in the Forest (K)
Keep, J.M. – The Elven Babe: Stuffed (K)
Keep, J.M. – Packin’ It In: Not All At Once (K)
Keep, J.M. – Shifters in Heat (K)
Kelly, Anya – Red and the Wolf (Erotic Fairy Tales #1) (K)
Kelly, Vanessa – Lost in a Royal Kiss (Renegade Royals #0.5) (K)
Kim, Toil – Turned and Bound (K)
Kim, Yoli – Her Minotaur Lovers (GLA)
King, Claudia – Broken Moon Part 1 (Wild Instincts) (K)
King, Nikita – The Horny Minotaur (GLA)
King, Sherri L. – Moon Lust (A)
King, Ripley – Love Dark (K)
Kinski, Ronnie – The Ice F**k-It Challenge (GLA)
Kiss, Tori – Taken by Her Mechanic (Erotica Storytime #2) (K)
Kiss, Tori – Adventures in Sex Research (Erotica Storytime #3) (K)
Kiss, Tori – Three Men and a Girlfriend (Erotica Storytime #4) (K)
Kiss, Tori – Bad Secretary (Erotica Storytime #5) (K)
Klaus, Kat – The Cold Man (K)
Kyle, Celia – He Ain’t Lion (Ridgeville #1) (K)
Kyle, Celia – Like a Fox (Ridgeville #7) (K)

Lacertae, B.L. – Hair&Gel: A Monstrous Hookup (GLA)
Lacertae, B.L. – Hellish Maneuvers (K)
LaCroix, Winifred – Katie Experiences: Slime Seduction (GLA)
LaFleur, Lynn – Scandal and Sin (Men with Tools #1) (K)
Lafont, Evelyn – The Vampire Relationship Guide: Meeting & Mating (K)
Lane, Lexi – Monster Sex Stories (K)
Lasch, Odessa – Maiden in the Minotaur’s Maze (GLA)
Lasch, Odessa – Forced by the Forest Spirits (Girl in a Monster World #1) (K)
Laurence, Andrea – Sexy as Hell (K)
LaValle, Leigh – The Misbehaving Marquess (Naughty in Nottinghamshire #1) (K)
Lawson, Anthea – The Piano Tutor (K)
Laybourne, Emmy – Dress Your Marines in White (Monument 12 #0.5) (K)
Laybourne, Emmy – Jake and the Other Girl (Monument 14 #1.5) (K)
Leaf, Erin M. – Risk is a Four-Letter Word (Four Letter Word #1) (K)
Leblanc, Shayla – Taken by the Gargoyles (GLA)
Lee, Roz – Free Agent (Mustangs Baseball #0.5) (K)
Lee, Sinn – Masquerade: Taken by the Werewolf (K)
Lee, Sinn – Taken by the Haunted HDMI Cable (GLA)
Leigh, Celia – Taken by the Troll (K)
Leigh, Vivian – Pillaged by the Viking (Viking Plunder #1) (K)
Lez, Barbie – Fuckin’ Werewolf (GLA)
Li, Samira – The Wet Rooms (Asian Space #2) (K)
Long, Jamie – Servicing the Wargs (Claimed by the Horde #1) (K)
Lovington, Lucinda – Carnal Kisses: Mesmerized by the Merman’s Touch (GLA)
Lyga, Barry – Career Day (Jasper Dent #0.5) (A)
Lyons, Olivia – Gay Tentacle Surprise (Tentacle Friends #1) (K)
Lynx, Louise – Tentacle Cowgirl (K)

Macker, John Lee – The Monster in my Pants (GLA)
Maclean, Julianne – Married by Midnight (Pembroke Palace #4) (K)
Maddix, Marina – Laid Bear (Laid Bear #1) (K)
Maddix, Marina – The Kodiak Clan (Laid Bear #2) (K)
Marsh, Anne – Viking’s Orders (K)
Martin, Madelene – The Binding – Bred by a Demon (K)
Martin, Madelene – Playing with Fire – The Dragon’s Trophy(K)
Martin, Madelene – Take Me: The Maiden and the Monster (GLA)
Maxxwell, Lexi – 4th of July Sausage Swallower (GLA)
Maxxwell, Lexi – Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare (GLA)
Maxxwell, Lexi – Fucking on Campus (GLA)
Maxxwell, Lexi – Pop My Cherry 2: Fucking in the Hayloft (GLA)
Maxxwell, Lexi – Salon Slut Swallows (GLA)
Maxxwell, Lexi – The XXX Files, Episode 1 (GLA)
Maxxwell, Lexi – The XXX Files, Episode 3 (GLA)
Mayburn, Ann – Prides of the Moon series (K)
McBrayer, Jessica – Hell Hounds Are For Suckers (Vampires of San Francisco #2) (K)
McBride, Belinda – Doms of Dark Haven (K)
McClendon, Shayne – The Hermit (K)
McDonnell, Holly – Trip to Jamaica (A)
McGovern, Abby – Alien Days (K)
McGovern, Abby – Dragon Days (K)
McHugh, Crista – The Sweetest Seduction (The Kelly Brothers #1) (K)
McMaster, Bec – Tarnished Knight (London Steampunk #1.5) (K)
Medeiros, Suzanna – Dancing with the Duke (Landing a Lord #0.5) (A)
Meldrum, Mallorie – The Maiden and the Monster (K)
Meyer, Marissa – Glitches (Lunar Chronicles #0.5) (A)
Meyer, Marissa – The Little Android (Lunar Chronicles) (A)
Michaels, Kasey – The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane (Alphabet Series #2) (K)
Michaels, Kasey – Indiscreet (London Friends #1) (K)
Milan, Courtney – A Kiss for Midwinter (Brothers Sinister #1.5) (A)
Milan, Courtney – The Lady Always Wins (A)
Morgan, Yvonne – Alien Penetration (K)
Morrissette, Micaela – Porn & Revolution in the Peaceable Kingdom (A)
Munro, Shelly – Fancy Free (Fancy Free #1) (K)

Naughton, Elisabeth – Bound to Seduction (Firebrand #1) (K)
Naughty, Edward – I’ve Fallen and there’s a Tentacle in my Butt (GLA)
Nielson, Jennifer A. – The False Prince (A)
Night, Nikki – Violated by the Vine Voth (GLA)
Ngithside, Nadia – Renaissance Fair Love Spell (K)
Nix, Haley – The Bear’s Lust (K)
Noir, Roxie – Her First Rodeo (K)
Noir, Roxie – The Centaurs and the False Maiden (The Erotic Adventures of Heraklea #4) (K)
Noir, Roxie – Pleasing Her Majesty (The Erotic Adventures of Heraklea #9) (K)

O’Hurley, Alexandra – Going Berserk (Berserker’s Mates #1.5) (K)
Ophelia – Taken by the Enemy (K)
Orsino, Leona – Bear Night (K)
Orsino, Leona – Furever Yours (K)

Parker, Sylvia – Intensely Hot Erotica Bundle (K)
Parsons, Persephone – Mounted by the Minotaur (Unearthly Delights #1) (K)
Paul, Emma – Corbin’s Captive (Galactic Breeders #2) (K)
Pearce, Kate – Planet Mail (Mail Call #1) (K)
Pearce, Kate – The First Sinners (Sinners’ Club #0.5) (K)
Pearce, Lee – Shapeshifter’s Craving (A)
Penny, Lucky – Claimed by the Beast (K)
Perkins, Stephanie – Vulcans Are Hot (Anna and the French Kiss #1.5) (A)
Peterfreund, Diana – Foundlings (A)
Peterfreund, Diana – Among the Nameless Stars (For Darkness Shows the Stars #0.5) (A)
Pillow, Michelle M. – The Mighty Hunter (Lords of the Abyss #1) (K)
Pineiro, Caridad – Ghost of a Chance (K)
Pink, Virginia – Gardens in the Rain (K)
Porter, Madelyn – Let the Wild Out (K)
Potisto, Jessica – Cavewoman: Spread Wide (GLA)
Press, Sock Drawer – Camping with the Boys (A)
Pressey, Rose – Forever Charmed (Halloween LaVeau #1) (K)
Probain, Marina – Fresh Catch (Tropical Paradise #3) (K)
Probe, Ann L. – Boffing Bigfoot (GLA)
Probe, Ann L. – Fifty Slaves of Grays (GLA)
Probe, Ann L. – Ravaged by the Reptilian (GLA)
Probe, Ann L. – The Vegan Virgin (GLA)


Rai, Alisha – Play With Me (Bedroom Games #1) (K)
Redford, Jodi – The Naughty List (A)
Reed, K.J. – Text Me (Text Me #1) (K)
Reed, Katrina – Ravaged in Raptor Valley (GLA)
Reyer, Celina – A Lord’s Passion (K)
Reyer, Julianne – Jackie’s Erotic Beanstalk (A)
Reynolds, Randall Edgar – A Trillionaire Triceratops Violated My Volvo (GLA)
Rhys, Ffion – Come the Chupacabra (GLA)
Richards, Kat – Taken by Angels (K)
Richards, Kat – Taken by Demons (K)
Ridley, Erica – The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation (Dukes of War #0.5) (K)
Rivera, Roxie – Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) (K)
Rivera, Roxie – House Rules (Her Russian Protector #1.1) (K)
Rivera, Roxie – Sister, Sister (Her Russian Protector #1.2) (K)
Rivera, Roxie – Hot and Bothered (Her Russian Protector #1.3) (K)
Roberts, Lisa – My Friend Squidley (GLA)
Rocha, Kit – Beyond Denial (Beyond #2.5) (A)
Rohm, Amelia – The Pumpkin Came at Midnight (K)
Roka, Raine – Shina and the Great Lover (K)
Rose, Aubrey – Blind Wolf (K)
Rose, Coyote – Old Money (K)
Ross, Aubrey – Pirate’s Price (K)
Ross, Aubrey – Untamed Hunger (Alpha Colony #1) (K)
Ross, Aubrey – Captives of New Pompeii (New Pompeii #1) (K)
Ross, Cathleen – Highlander (K)
Roth, Mandy M. – Misfit in Middle America (K)
Roth, Mandy M. – Tipping the Scales (Stop Dragon My Heart Around #1) (K)
Roth, Mandy M. – Pisces Phenomenon (Zodiac Gatekeepers #1) (K)
Ryan, Carrie Ann – Charmed Spirits (Holiday, Montana #1) (K)
Ryan, Carrie Ann – Ink Inspired (Montgomery Ink #0.5) (K)

Sax, Cynthia – Warlord’s Bounty (Barbarian Claims #1) (K)
Sax, Cynthia – Lust by Moonbeam (Moonbeam #1) (K)
Schroeder, Melissa – Cowboy Up (The Sweet Shoppe #1) (K)
Scofield, Cat – Star Kissed (Taken by the Pack #2) (A)
Scofield, Cat – Midnight Eyes (Taken by the Pack #3) (A)
Scott, J.S. – Riding with the Cop (A)
Scott, J.S. – The Rough Mating of a Vampire (The Vampire Coalition #0.5) (K)
Scott, J.S. – Ethan’s Mate (The Vampire Coalition #1) (K)
Scott, Kylie – Room with a View: Hot Down Under (K)
Scott-Hill, Olivia – Bump in the Night (K)
Scott-Hill, Olivia – Comes the Boogeyman 2 (K)
Scott-Hill, Olivia – Darkness Inside Me: Black Eyed Men (K)
Sebastian, Lydia – Man vs Machine (K)
SeRine, Kate – Red (Transplanted Tales #1) (K)
Sevier, Madison – Make Mine a Monster (Monsterotica #2) (K)
Shaw, Leia – Destined for Harmony (Shadows of Destiny #2.5) (K)
Shay, Mina – Alien Expulsion (K)
Shay, Mina – Alien Implant (K)
Shay, Mina – Mounted by a Monster: Under Her Bed (K)
Shay, Mina – Mounted by a Monster: Werepuffer (K)
Shay, Mina – Mounted by a Monster: Werewolf in the Coat Closet (K)
Shay, Mina – Mounted by a Monster: Wicked Goblin (K)
Shen, Prudence – Do Not Touch (A)
Silverwood, Cari – Cataclysm Blues (K)
Simons, Kat – Once Upon a Tiger (Tiger Shifters #1) (K)
Sinclair, Cherise – Doms of Dark Haven (K)
Sinclair, Jools – 44 (44 #1) (K)
Sinclair, Sarah – A Minotaur for Protection (GLA)
Slade, Jessa – Queen of Starlight (Sheerspace #1) (K)
Slipwood, Eva – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (GLA)
Sloane, Merlyn – Horn (Half Human) (K)
Smalls, CJ – A Tentacle for Every Hole (GLA)
Smalls, CJ – Taken by the Tentacles (GLA)
Smalls, CJ – When Tentacles Took My Virginity (GLA)
Smith, Debra – Escaping Love (Koning Clan #1) (K)
Snow, Emily – All Over You (Devoured #0.5) (K)
Snow, Jessie – Taken by Tentacles 1 (K)
Sorenson, Jill – Island Peril (Aftershock #3.5) (K)
Spencer-Pape, Cindy – Yuletide Enchantment (Holiday Hearts #1) (K)
Staffin-Wiebe, Abra – Ekaterina and the Firebird (A)
Stand, J.C. – The Geisha and the Yeti Return (GLA)
Stark, Cindy – Wounded (Aspen #0.5) (K)
Stark, Cindy – Lawless (Aspen #2) (K)
Steele, Emma – Debbie Does Monsterland (F*ck All Monsters #1) (K)
Stevens, Erica – Ravenous (The Ravening #1) (K)
Stevens, Shelli – Love Me Knot (Holding Out For a Hero #4) (K)
Stiles, Anwen – Take Three, Please (K)
Stokes, Christina – Stripped (Her Captain’s Command #1) (K)
Stone, Alex – The Manticore Rampant (Monsters & Maidens #1) (K)
Stone, Juliana – Offside (The Barker Triplets #1) (K)
Stone, Samantha – Freaky Time with Frankenstein (GLA)
Stone, Sheena – The Sex Circus Chronicles (K)
Storm, Selena – The Gargoyle of Coldspire Castle (GLA)
Stratton, Nathan – All She Wants for XXX-Mas (GLA)
Strong, Mimi – Dating the Goblin King (K)
Strong, Mimi – Lexie’s First Time (A)
Strong, Mimi – Losing It After a Day at the Beach (K)
Strong, Mimi – Two Hot People Had Sex and They Totally Liked It (K)
Strong, Mimi – The Walk-In (Borrowed Billionaire #1) (A)
Strong, Mimi – Lexie Goes Shopping (Borrowed Billionaire #2) (A)
Strong, Mimi – Laura and Zach (Ice Cream Shop Boy #2) (A)
Strong, Mimi – Blind Date Teddy Bear (Her Teddy Bear #1) (GLA)
Strong, Mimi – Dress Up Your Teddy (Her Teddy Bear #3) (K)
Strong, Mimi – Working for the Billionaire Novelist (Typist #1) (A)
Strong, Mimi – Spanking the Billionaire Novelist (Typist #2) (A)
Stuart, Savannah – Unleashed Temptation (Miami Scorcher #1) (K)
Subject, Jessica E. – 1Night Stand bundle (K)
Subject, Jessica E. – Just Another Wedding (Alien next Door #1.5) (K)

Talvio, E.G. – Zombierotic (K)
Taylor, Maria – Valentine’s Day Virgin (GLA)
Thorn, Aurelia – Bear Temptations (K)
Thorne, Elle – Protection (Shifters Forever #1) (K)
Tidhar, Lavie – Dragonkin (A)
Tracy, Elle – Captured by the Orc (K)
Tucker, Fannie – The Viking’s Virgin Breeding Slave (K)

Ursa, Selena – The Alpha’s Hunger (K)

Valentine, Genevieve – Terrain (A)
Vanak, Bonnie – The Mating Chase (Werewolves of Montana #1) (K)
Vanhee, Jason – Come Back to the Sea (A)
Vayle, Amber Grayson – Candy Gets Caned (GLA)
Vixen, Vivian – Mech Sex (GLA)
Vixxen, Verity – Pumped by a Pterodactyl (Dionna Does Dino Valley #1) (K)
Vixxen, Verity – Pounded by a Plesiosaurus (Dionna Does Dino Valley #2) (K)

Wade, Virginia – Cum For Bigfoot (The Monster Sex #1) (GLA)
Walker, Brandy – Craving More (Tiger Nip #1) (K)
Walters, N.J. – Harker’s Journey (Dalakis Passion #1) (K)
Walters, N.J. – Embracing Silence (Project Alpha #1) (K)
Ward, Tracey – Until the End (Quarantined #1) (K)
White, Janey – Haunted: Forbidden Love (K)
Wild, Leandra – My Neighbor is a Werewolf… (K)
Wild, Nikki – Taken by the Werebear Band (K)
Wilder, Leigh – Drain Me Dry (Deadly Liasons #1) (K)
Wilder, Makenna – Initiation Gangbang (Mating Wolves #1) (K)
Wilder, Sadie – Summoned (K)
Wilder, Sadie – Taken by Bigfoot (K)
Williams, Bytch – Butt-Blasted by the Banshee (GLA)
Williams, Bytch – Slammed by Santa (GLA)
Williams, Danica – Two Cowboys and One Girl (A)
Williams, Terra – Breeding the Two Abducted Virgin Sex Slaves (GLA)
Winters, Zoe – Cat Fight (Preternaturals #1.5) (K)
Witek, Barbara – Santa Wore Combat Boots (K)
Wood, Max – Cheesy Puff Came to Life and Pimped My Gay Ass (GLA)
Wood, Max – Pounded by the Biker Rainbow Come to Life (GLA)
Wright, Laura – Bayou Noel (Bayou Heat #8.5) (K)
Wright, Laura – First Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles #1) (K)
Wyatt, Casey – Mystic Ink (K)


York, Sabrina – Rebound (Tryst Island #1) (K)
York, Sabrina – Dragonfly Kisses (Tryst Island #2) (K)

Zayne, Q. – Filled by Octopus Man (K)

Dark Desires (K)
Tales From the Temple I (K)