Darkness Inside Me: Black Eyed Men by Olivia Scott-Hill {Kelly’s review}

BlackEyedMenDarkness Inside Me: Black Eyed Men by Olivia Scott-Hill
Reviewed by Kelly


 Trixie is through being bored. Her boyfriend won’t shut up about work, she’s got a dead end job, and there’s never anything good to watch on television. One late night some strangers knock on her door, begging to be let in. She takes one look at them and sees their soulless black eyes and refuses them entry.

The next day she can’t stop thinking about them. After a little research she discovers that she’s been visited by creatures from a popular urban legend. Legend has it that if you send them away they won’t come back…but Trixie wants them to.

That night when she hears the knock she answers the door, desperate for some action. Three men with creepy blacked out eyes enter her home and announce their hunger. Trixie expects to be destroyed by the three monster men but instead they dominate her, manipulate her, and feed on her in a much sexier way than she anticipated.

Kelly’s Thoughts

Darkness Inside Me: Black Eyed Men is for people who…

…like their erotica a little dark.
…enjoy characters who aren’t your everyday boogeyman.
…get a kick out of a little domination in their sexin’.
…want more dirty, sexy urban legends.

Not going to lie, Olivia Scott-Hill’s naughty books make me happy. They’re dark and creepy and they make grin. Because out of the ordinary creatures are AWESOME to read about. Especially when they’re getting their sexy on.

Books are your friends!Darkness Inside Me: Black Eyed Men was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 06/13/15. Darkety dark dark. Yasssssss!

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