Alien Tentacles by Amanda Close {Kelly’s review}

AlienTentaclesAlien Tentacles by Amanda Close
Alien Outbreak #1
Reviewed by Kelly


Something has boarded the interstellar cargo vessel Kraken, and it is hungry for more than just meat. After days of being both the hunters and the hunted, Captain Tasha and a desperate few struggle against a shape shifting alien menace that is intent upon devouring most of the crew and has worse in store for the survivors.

Kelly’s Thoughts

Alien Tentacles is for people who…

…think space is a breeding ground for crazy alien infestations.
…figure that a spaceship is pretty much the worst thing to get trapped in with a thing that’s determined to eat and breed with anything it can.
…like their crazy space infestations nicely dark.
…enjoy dark, potentially horrible endings.

Oh, please. Who am I kidding? BAD THINGS ARE COMING WITH THIS CRAZY SPACE INFESTATION. Things will get much worse before they get better (if they DO get better) for those who survived to the end of this book. Crazy space tentacles take NO SURVIVORS. And they want to spread. Like a space plague. With tentacles.

I kinda love Amanda Close’s brain.

Books are your friends!Alien Tentacles was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 05/24/15. Tentacles in spaaaaacccccce!

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