Alien Implant by Mina Shay {Kelly’s review}

ImplantAlien Implant by Mina Shay
Reviewed by Kelly


Roxy was abducted by aliens weeks ago and has undergone countless medical tests. No permanent damage had been done until she woke up with mechanical implants on her face. One of the aliens explains to her that the implants are part of his plan to help her escape.

Roxy is thrilled at the thought of escape and quickly agrees to follow his instructions to the letter. But will she continue to follow his commands when she learns the full truth behind the implants?

Kelly’s Thoughts

Alien Implant is for people who…

…like when an imprisoned lady looks to have a change of luck.
…don’t mind when some of her actions are a little forced.
…get a kick out of aliens having a major hard-on for a human.
…just like horny aliens in general.

What can I say? Aliens. I like ’em. Especially when they’re using their superior technology to get what they want. Nothing says lovin’ like an alien giving it to a girl hard!

Books are your friends!Alien Implant was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 05/13/15. You know what they say… aliens do it better!

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