Alien Expulsion by Mina Shay {Kelly’s review}

AlienAlien Expulsion by Mina Shay
Reviewed by Kelly


Carrie’s been expelled from her pre-med program and isn’t ready to face the music just yet. She decides to take the scenic route on the way home and finds herself lost in the middle of Montana. Carrie tries to get a motel room for the night, only to lose the last room to a sexy stranger.

The sexy stranger also claims to have recently been expelled from a research program on human behavior for inappropriate testing methods. He’s keen to continue his study and says he’d love to get inside Carrie’s head. But is that the only thing he wants to get inside of? And could he possibly be telling the truth when he says he’s from another planet?

Kelly’s Thoughts

Alien Expulsion is for people who…

…enjoy a little out-of-this world sexin’.
…don’t mind when the hero has an odd way of connecting.
…like heroines who know what they want.
…get a kick out of watching her get it.

YESSSSS. I do love reading about aliens getting their freak on. the freakier, the better, I always say. You do all the testing you need to do, sexy stranger. Carrie won’t mind.

Books are your friends!Alien Expulsion was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 05/06/15. Aliens! WOOT!

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