Bear Night by Leona Orsino {Kelly’s review}

BearNightBear Night by Leona Orsino
Reviewed by Kelly


All Mary wanted was a little R&R here at this remote mountain spa. Thing is, Mary’s always been a little too curious for her own good. So, when she decides to take a walk off the property, into the woods, she stumbles on a something, or someone, that will change her life.

Deep in the forest Mary finds herself standing at the edge of a lake, staring across the water at a glistening, rippling man. He senses her across the distance and knows immediately who has found him–his mate. He races to her side, delighting in her presence, teasing her and tasting her. But now is not the time–they must wait until nightfall…

Midnight comes and Mary returns to the lake and to the sound of a beast within the woods. It gets closer…and closer…and finally Mary learns the truth of her lover and must make a choice to return to her old life, or be his mate!

Kelly’s Thoughts

Bear Night is for people who…

…don’t mind a little cross-species sexy times.
…like it when the beast inside comes out.
…enjoy a sexually adventurous woman.
…wonder how Mary and Nick will ever top their first “date”.

Bear lovin’. There’s nothing like it. Especially when the beast comes out. RAWR!

Books are your friends!Bear Night was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 04/26/15. Bears. They know what you want.

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