Furever Yours by Leona Orsino {Kelly’s review}

FureverYoursFurever Yours by Leona Orsino
Reviewed by Kelly


FuRock is the new band that’s got the whole world talking with a lead singer, Dash, who transforms into a bear for the final number, in front of a crowd of thousands. Everyone thinks it’s an illusion, but Dana knows better…

She’s gone to see FuRock in concert more times than she’d ever admit. She follows them from gig to gig, hoping to catch her rock-god, but always missing him. She despairs of ever meeting the love of her life.

But when she finally catches Dash’s’s eye, her life is turned upside down. Shifting just for her, he comes down from the stage. The fans run screaming–all of them, except Dana. She stands and waits for him to claim her.

In his ursine eyes she sees the man inside. Her love, her mate. He gathers her up and carries her to his bedroom where everything is revealed…

Kelly’s Thoughts

Furever Yours is for people who…

…enjoy their shapeshifters bear-like.
…like those fated mates.
…don’t mind suspending belief that NO ONE would figure out what he was except Dana.
…enjoy rock stars!

I liked this one, but I did have to tilt my head and squint a bit to convince myself no one would question that the shapeshifting wasn’t some sort of special effect. But, hey. I still liked it.

Books are your friends!Furever Yours was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 04/26/15. BEAR ROCK STARS!

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