Ravaged by Simone Beatrix {Kelly’s review}

RavagedRavaged: A Monster Box Set of 11 Erotic Tales by Simone Beatrix
Reviewed by Kelly


This bundle box set contains ELEVEN previously-published monster and alien erotic short stories!



Kelly’s Thoughts

Ravaged is for people who…

…like a wide variety of monsters and/or aliens who get their freak on.
…don’t mind when the stories tend to follow a pretty cut and dried formula.
…enjoy reading about uninhibited girls finding some quality lovin’ with non-human creatures.

While I enjoyed this box set simply because it was chock full of monstery goodness, I think I would have been better off reading the stories separately. They tended to follow a rather specific formula as far as the lead up to the actual monster and/or alien sexin’ that put me off. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with it, but the sameness of the stories was disconcerting.

Books are your friends!Ravaged was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 06/05/14. That’s a lot of monster sex, man. A lot.

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