Take Me: The Maiden and the Monster by Madelene Martin {GLA review}

GLATakeMeTake Me: The Maiden and the Monster by Madelene Martin


Ella is an innocent virgin who lives in a peaceful village on the outskirts of a dark forest. A headstrong girl, she shuns the company of the local boys, prefering to wander alone, teaching herself to use a bow and to hunt.

The townspeople are forbidden from entering the woods when livestock starts to go missing, and strange howls echo down from the hills. Village girls have started to to disappear – returning with strange tales of being ravished by a wolf-like beast larger than a man.

Ella takes matters into her own hands. With her trusty bow she delves into the forest, determined to track down the beast and find out how to stop it.

This 5700 word sensual erotic story features explicit sex between a maiden and a beast, with a classic fairytale twist.

InSixSexWords: Would you trust a wolfish Barnaby?

Our Thoughts:
Amanda: Oh. She’s hunting. I like the change of pace here.

Kelly: Ella’s taking matters into her own hands! But not in a dirty way.

Amanda: Not yet anyway.

Kelly: Heh. Good point.

Amanda: Okay. He’s cursed and he needs a maiden. Maiden says, “I will help you. I don’t know how, but I will.” UM, I HAVE AN IDEA.


Amanda: Okay. This is one situation where “tearing” is appropriate. Still painful, but appropriate.

Kelly: Agreed.



Amanda: HOW IS HIS NAME BARNABY? This is weirder to me than the monster sex.

Kelly: I thought the monster sex was pretty good. But, yeah. That name.

Amanda: He was kind of a jerk face, afterward, I thought. For a moment or two.

Kelly: Agreed. But he did kinda make up for it.

Amanda: Yeah, but now I don’t trust him. Plus, what did he do to get cursed in the first place, hmm?

Kelly: Good question. And one I can’t answer.

Amanda: *makes note to self* “Never trust a Barnaby.”

Kelly: That is… true. Never trust a Barnaby.

Amanda: Barnaby. I’m just going to start randomly saying that now. BARNABY.

Kelly: LOL. What’d you think of this one? Excluding his name!

Amanda: Fairy tale meets monster erotica.

Kelly: Did you like?

Amanda: I don’t know. I can’t think beyond Barnaby.

Kelly: HA!

Amanda: This will forever be the Barnaby book. BB.

Kelly: I can’t argue with that.

Take Me was a free Kindle download we picked up on 04/01/13.

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