I’ve Fallen and there’s a Tentacle in my Butt by Edward Naughty {GLA review}

GLATentacleI’ve Fallen and there’s a Tentacle in my Butt by Edward Naughty


There was a mishap in a lab during a sexual experiment that was being conducted on a naked young woman. A door that contained a creature with tentacles had cracked open by mistake. The monster became enraged when the test subject couldn’t continue to orgasm and smashed the door open. The lab technicians tried to get the monster under control and in the process severed one of its tentacles. The tentacle escaped from the lab to the outside world. The scientist conducting the experiment rushed out after the tentacle. She knew that if she didn’t catch the tentacle before it could find a human host, then it would spawn another creature and the city would be in danger. Will she find the tentacle before it nestles in some unsuspecting person’s warm orifice?

InSixSexWords: The title delivers, but that’s it.

Our Thoughts:
Amanda: Last time I checked, Edward Naughty follows me on Twitter. I feel like I deserve a badge of honor for this.

Kelly: You know what I like? Paragraphs. Just saying.

Amanda: The paragraphs do appear to be quite long.

Kelly: I don’t understand what blowjob girl at the beginning has to do with this story. *looks around in confusion*

Amanda: Hmm. Well, if Edward Naughty is truly a guy (I think it’s important never to make an assumption like that with these eroticas), that’s probably reason enough.

Kelly: Very true. It could be a female circus clown writing erotica under a man’s name. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW.

Amanda: Okay. So. A woman gets her ass put in a tube of sorts. Scientist says, “You’ll feel a slight pressure” and then the woman suddenly starts moaning and touching her breasts? That’s quite the slight pressure.

Kelly: OH! Blowjob girl is returning. NOW I UNDERSTAND! And, yes. That’s some pressure!

Amanda: Poor tentacle just needs a lot of loving.

Kelly: Dude. These “scientists” are goobers. All of them.

Amanda: Hahah. They have to fondle their genitals to find the tentacle monster. Solid plan.

Kelly: I… don’t know what to say about this story. What the what is going on?

Amanda: I’VE FALLEN AND THERE’S A TENTACLE IN MY BUTT. I assume the entire story is there so that line is possible.

Kelly: Heh. Yes. That.

Amanda: I like how Matt and Jenny, after being anally penetrated by the tentacle monster, just sit back and enjoy the tentacle’s loving.

Kelly: As one does, RIGHT?

Amanda: Right. I mean, really, what else are you going to do?

Kelly: Accepting the tentacle is the first step to enjoying the tentacle.

Amanda: I do feel kind of sad that the story ends with the death of the tentacle monster. It just wanted love.

Kelly: Didn’t the tentacles Jenny chopped off disappear? MOAR TENTACLES FOR EVERYONE!

Amanda: I don’t know. And don’t forget the tentacle that had escaped. Everyone was running around fondling their genitals. That image amuses me greatly.

Kelly: Well, there are two follow up books to this one. Maybe book 2 will be the scientists fingering themselves while they chase the first tentacle.

Amanda: Something’s gotta fill their holes until the tentacles can get to them.

Kelly: What did you think about this one, Amanda?

Amanda: This one gets points for having “I’VE FALLEN AND THERE’S A TENTACLE IN MY BUTT” but that’s about it.

Kelly: Agreed.


Kelly: YEAH, I KNOW THAT! If only more tentacles could find some good lovin’.

I’ve Fallen and there’s a Tentacle in my Butt was a free Kindle download we picked up on 05/15/14.

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