His Favorite Plant by T.L. Giffin {Kelly’s review}

FBPlantHis Favorite Plant by T.L. Giffin
Reviewed by Kelly


Dr. David Driers has stumbled upon a new species of plant. Vee, as he calls her, is full of leafy vines and has a jealous temperament. When David brings his lover into the lab, he ends up finding out just how jealous his precious plant really is. This is a sexy short story with graphic tentacle vine violation meant for adults 18+ only!

Kelly’s Thoughts

His Favorite Plant is for people who…

…don’t mind a little tentacular interaction.
…find it understandable when plants get homicidal.
…think doctors who hide a new species of sentient plant in their lab are secretly hoping they’ll get used in a very explicit manner.
…can suspend their disbelief.

Weirdly, the suspension of disbelief wasn’t over a sentient plant, but rather over how easily one can dispose of a body. I can get behind a plant that wants to get ALL UP in someone’s business. Totally.

Books are your friends!His Favorite Plant was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 03/12/14. I don’t know what the cover has to do with the story, but there you go.

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