Breeding the Two Abducted Virgin Sex Slaves by Terra Williams {GLA review}

Breeding the Two Abducted Virgin Sex Slaves by Terra Williams


Adults 18+ only: This 4000 word novelette contains M/F sexual scenes involving virgin defloration, rough sex, group sex, BDSM, impregnation leading to pregnancy, and other related themes.

Breeding the Two Abducted Virgin Sex Slaves, tells the story of two sexy 18 year old virgins who find their very lives change unexpectedly following their mysterious kidnapping. Both women enter into a sexually charged world where they are deflowered, trained, and impregnated, and slowly transition into relishing their new found circumstances in life as good sex slaves!

InSixSexWords: Long live the Master’s penis beaker!

Our Thoughts:
Amanda: Because all conversations with your best friend about losing your virginity end in kissing your friend.

Kelly: In a dark alley. After curfew. OF COURSE THEY DO!

Amanda: What are your thoughts on “Master”?

Kelly: Honestly, I don’t really have any. He’s just the faceless guy who’s going to get off on watching the two girls bang each other. Wait. WAIT. DO I SPY SOME SURPRISE ANAL SEX HERE?

Amanda: Wait. Wait. Wait. I’m only where Master is feeding the girls. I’m being distracted by the dog pushing a squeaker toy into my leg. -pause- Strawberries in orifices!

Kelly: I’m pretty sure that’s a health code violation, right there!

Amanda: …glass dildo?

Kelly: You say that like it’s weird.


Kelly: YESSSSSS! Oh, SAS, it’s been so long! *snerk*

Amanda: I like how they’re all, “Oh, this was not the way I expected to live my life” after they wake up. Oh really? You didn’t want to be a sex slave?

Kelly: I… don’t have any come back for that. I’m REALLY curious what you thought of Master’s “punishment.”

Amanda: I’m amused that it takes the girls until the next morning to realize their situation is bad and they might want to try to escape. *pauses* DID HE PUT CUM IN THOSE GLASSES?

Kelly: YES, HE DID!


Kelly: *dies laughing*

Amanda: Okay, so. SO. This book. THIS BOOK. Cum-filled glasses. Virgins who didn’t seem very virgin-like. Creepy Master who bred his slaves.

Kelly: I’m just going to throw out there that I wasn’t all that impressed with his “degrading” punishment. Making the girls drink his cum? That’s not degrading so much. Girls swallow ALL THE TIME, YO!

Amanda: And…like…think of what had to happen to get the cum in the glasses. Why would he do that when he has sex slaves?

Kelly: I… don’t have an answer to that. Maybe his penis beaker was previously filled. I DON’T KNOW!

Amanda: He was rather weird. What with that whole kidnap virgins to breed thing.

Kelly: Yeah. But he did give us a nice round of SURPRISE ANAL SEX! So, there’s that.

Amanda: It’s been a while since we’ve read a book with SAS too.

Kelly: Too long. TOO LONG. I’ve missed the SAS in our GLAs.

Amanda: ME TOO.

Breeding the Two Abducted Virgin Sex Slaves was a free Kindle download we picked up on 12/16/12 for the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge.

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