Amanda Reviews: Beyond Denial


Beyond Denial by Kit Rocha

(Beyond, #2.5)
Reviewed by Amanda

Synopsis (Goodreads)

Free online read (or Kindle file download) of a deleted scene fromBeyond Control, featuring Ace and Jared.

DABWAHA is a yearly event run by popular blogs Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books where readers fill out brackets pitting beloved books against one another and then engage in a couple weeks of all-out warfare as they try to encourage people to vote in the best interests of their bracket–or in the worst interests of the brackets of people in the lead.

In 2013, Beyond Shame was one of the 2012 finalists pitted against some of our personal favorites in the Paranormal and Speculative Romance subgenres. In the tradition of bribery and mayhem, we offered to provide a deleted scene featuring Ace and his friend Jared at the O’Kane party held for the Sector Three recruits, as seen in Beyond Control.

The chances of our plucky little self-pub novel surviving round one were always tiny, but we planned to share the story either way. So for all of you who voted, or didn’t, or just want to read about Ace being dirty and in denial…enjoy!
-from Goodreads

Amanda’s Thoughts

Reading Beyond Denial made me realize that the second book of the series, Beyond Control, was not on my wishlist. You can bet I fixed that immediately upon finished Beyond Denial.

Beyond Denial is for people who…

…need a little male on male action
…have read the Beyond series and want MOAR
…like it quick and dirty
…enjoy non-discriminatory fucking
…love the obvious back story between Jared, Ace, and Rachel
…think doing it in public and being watched is hot
…can appreciate a well done blow job scene
…are just plain INTRIGUED and FASCINATED by this world

Beyond Denial was a free book I downloaded from on March 25th, 2013 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.

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