Amanda and Kelly review: The Dragon’s Sex Slave

The Dragon’s Sex Slave by Lolita Davis

The woods aren’t safe for a young elf warrior girl, and she’s about to find out that standing guard protects her from more than death. Overcome by orcs, she learns quickly that her body is only a plaything for them…and even more, a plaything for their master a dragon who likes women for more than sacrifices!

This ebook contains very mature content including fantasy forced seduction with mythical creatures. It is for adults only.

InSixSexWords: The dragon’s cock dominates the maiden!

Our Thoughts:

Kelly: HAHA! SO TRUE! His hot cum filled her up!

Amanda: Her mortal cunt craved his hot dragon seed!

Kelly: You know, I’m okay with the dragon taking the girl and having his wicked dragon way with her but… I don’t know about the orc captain getting a piece of that action.

Amanda:  I was a little weirded out about that. WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE ORC CAPTAIN? I feel like the dragon is going to get possessive. (And what dragon shares his treasures? If Dragos taught us anything, it’s that YOU DON’T SHARE.)

Kelly: The whole thing were she smiled at the captain when he was jerking off was WEIRD. Kinda skeevy. Although, I guess if the only way you’ll have the hot dragon flesh ramming your cooch is to also take on the orc captain… well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Amanda: Maybe the dragon’s cock was enough to make her insatiable for more cock. ALL THE COCK, KELLY!

Kelly: DAMN. That’s some GOOD dragon cock!

Amanda: No kidding. Though I think Aria secretly wanted the cock. Her fantasy was quite… vivid. And I like how the beginning of the story made it sound like she was sweet and innocent. Then, the next thing you know she’s relating her fantasy about being fucked in the middle of the forest and swearing like a sailor when she gets captured by the orcs.

Kelly: Yeah. The story was a little uneven in that regard. Not to be too picky, but I wouldn’t have minded a few more paragraph breaks, too.

Amanda:  I think Aria might have special dragon-cock taking super powers. Did you know she can feel her orgasms in the strands of her hair?

Kelly: YES! That was AMAZING! I had no idea elves had nerves and such in their hair.

Amanda: Hey. That reminds me of the book we read with Jenny. One of the characters had hair that was like… a sexual organ? Sex hair? I forget how it goes.

Kelly: Sex hair sounds promising but I don’t think that was the case here.

Amanda: You’re right. This is a clear example of the superiority of the dragon cock and dragon cock induced orgasms.

Kelly: Clearly. The dragon cock really drives the point home. Or something.

Amanda: Once you go dragon, you don’t go back.

Kelly:  Lol. I think you’ve found the theme of this book!

Amanda: *finger guns*

The Dragon’s Sex Slave was a free Kindle download we picked up on 1/22/2013 for the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge.

5 thoughts on “Amanda and Kelly review: The Dragon’s Sex Slave

    Um, or… OK, maybe I don’t, but still. I die from the laughing. And I could totally read this for DiD on Saturday.

    So. I was laughing so hard husbandman had to read your review, and I think he’s kind of horrified. Amused, which he won’t admit, and horrified.

    Also, when you say ‘dragon’, all I can think of is the Hobbit, and that dragon and… HOW?

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